Star Wars and Pacifica Graduate Institute

"In April of 2002, the Joseph Campbell Library on the campus ofPacifica Graduate Institute was visited by a film crew directed by Tsukuru Matsuki from Kyodo Television of Tokyo. They were filming for an episode in a television documentary series called "Passion for Arts" which was aired nationally in Japan that year via TV Tokyo, and the broadcast included footage of the Joseph Campbell Library, as well as its Special Collections Librarian talking about The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The subject of this episode was not Campbell, but rather a man who had been deeply influenced by him, the filmmaker George Lucas.

Joseph Campbell often said that he thought that the artists were one group of people who could use his work on Mythology. He had wanted to be a novelist during the 1930's, before he decided that he was a better scholar than fiction writer, and he was married to a noted dancer, so he had an understanding of what artists needed. He felt that the best art, including the work of Picasso and Paul Klee, was grounded in Mythology"

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