Webinar 2 Trauma and Digital Storytelling by Joshua L Cohen PhD and Kim Anderson, Ph.D., LCSW

Abstract from the book Video and FIlmmaking as Psychotherapy: Research and Practice

This interview is based on the chapter digital storytelling (DS) as a trauma narrative intervention, in the book Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy: Research and Practice published by Routledge.  The context of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, for children exposed to domestic violence who received mental health services at a rural domestic violence agency.  In this work, we sought to better understand the individual and collective benefits of the various elements of DS (i.e., digital images, text, audio narration, and music).  In doing so, we provide mental health clinicians with practical information on narrative development to use in their own practices.  Our project findings indicated that DS is a powerful tool to help children process their traumatic experiences.  

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Keywords: children exposed to domestic violence, digital storytelling, trauma narrative