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JoshuaLee Cohen PhD


Dr. Cohen is currently a media psychologist and the program chair for the American Psychological Association's Media Psychology Division for the convention in Washington D.C. in 2017. As a media psychologist, member of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association Foundation board,  and author and co-editor of Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy: Research and Practice, he realizes how important it is to be licensed in this field. He has a business license in the city of Long Beach for educational purposes and also works in the mental health field with clients. He was trained as an Avid and Final Cut Pro Editor in Burbank California and has a PhD in clinical Psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology. He draws from his background in clinical psychology to help educate the public and health professionals about important mental health information through the powerful and fun language of story in webinars, workshops, and individual sessions. 

Dr. Cohen graduated from Colorado College where he graduated with a degree in film and anthropology and  he wrote his thesis on using films as part of a healing process. He hosted a seminar at Colorado College for Gary Solomon on Cinematherapy and later interviewed  filmmakers for his thesis such as Doug PrayEb LottimerNeal Baer,  Andrew Mudge, and Marc Webb.  While filming a documentary based on his thesis. Josh’s unofficial film/video  background began in childhood but his work at KRDO as an intern in 1997 helped establish some of his professional skills and experience with film and it’s connection to psychology. Other experiences with film in the next few years also contributed to his psychological lens of looking at film. While at CC he also worked on Dee Sneider’s Strangeland.  He trained at Video Symphony later on to learn about the Avid and Final Cut Pro. After working on Student films and training Josh and Doug Pray collaborated on a short video about the Dalai Lama and technology in 2001 and was shown at LAFCPUG on October 22,  2003 At the same time, he met Martin Cohen who introduced him to Patrick Swayze where he worked as an assistant (uncredited) for One Last Dance, then called Without a Word. Further work in Hollywood included help on films such as Anna May Wong, Frosted Yellow Willows: Her Life, Times and Legend  (uncredited) by Elaine Mae Woo on AnnaMae Wong . He also worked with Karen Grosso, on films for the Ronald McDonald House (uncredited). In addition he worked for Andrew Van Slee at Extraordinary films raising money for and assisting John Rosenberg with editing for Net Games. (uncredited). Josh then Married Mary Kocman from CC in in Santa Ana in 2005. Josh also gained a Master’s degree in General Psychology from Walden University in 2007 and continued his research on the healing power of film. Mary works at PVLD and helped with interlibrary loans and assisted with library resources for the thesis. In 2009 Josh started his practicum for his doctoral program at TTC. He finished his Practicum hours and his internship at Families in New Directions. In 2009 he was clinically supervised by James Hillman, author of Revisioning Psychology where he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, for practicum supervision.  In 2012, Josh finished his PhD in clinical psychology at Pacifica Graduate institute.  His dissertation was on the use of video and other film based therapy in therapeutic practice.  

About Paul McDowell Petschek

My practice not only explores how Somatic Experiencing can be effective in treating PTSD (even the most complex kinds) but also SD, Stress Disorders, of all kinds.



Andrew Mudge

Andrew Mudge ’97 made his first movie at age 12. Wielding a camera with a separate VCR strapped around his neck, he filmed a neighbor’s little brother playing “Terminator,” wreaking havoc around their Boston neighborhood. 

Fast forward to 2003, and both Mudge and the Terminator have found success in broader arenas. The Terminator is now governing California, and Mudge is making his first full-length feature film after winning a Chrysler contest for aspiring directors. The award provides $1 million for Mudge’s next project as well as a production deal and a mentor at Universal Studios. 

Mudge says he didn’t think of movies as a serious art form until he got to CC and met film professor Tom Sanny, who lent his expertise and equipment to several short film projects. “Tom and I got along great. Without him, I don’t know what I would have done,” says Mudge. 
While at CC, and after Mudge’s graduation as an anthropology major, the two worked on shorts including the oddly hilarious “Chicken Pox Pal,” which was picked up by the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. 

Mudge will start filming his screenplay “The P.T. Johansen Field Guide to North American Monsters” next summer at Universal. The comedic plot centers around a dejected Bigfoot hunter and his hoaxer son. Add a skeptical 10-year-old Cub Scout to the mix, and audiences should have a tough time not laughing. Mudge is hoping for national release — and hopefully the Bulletin will let you know when and where it opens.

– Peter Rice ’05


Doug's bio

For three summers, 2011-2014, filmmakers Doug Pray and Peter J. Vogt, in association with Northwest Film Forum, have been proud to present Wild Mind Film Camp, an 11-day intensive master class for documentary filmmaking in the Washington Cascades.

If you're visiting our website for the first time, the following is a brief overview of what we're about. Our next 11-day summer program will not be held until summer 2016. Please let us know if you would like to be on our mailing list to receive information about Wild Mind programs and other workshops we may offer at: info@wildmindfilmcamp.com.  Thank you for your interest!

The term "Wild Mind" means "starting now, ready for anything." Gary Snyder, the American-Buddhist/poet/ecologist defines it as being "elegantly self-disciplined, self-regulating. That’s what wilderness is. Nobody has a management plan for it." Similarly, good filmmaking is a practice that can be prepared for but never completely controlled. It requires innovation in the moment, trust in the process, and a great deal of courage. A Wild Mind is focused, aware, and curious. It accepts rigor, enjoys challenge, endures failure, and delights in the documentary filmmaking process.

Wild Mind Film Camp is a hands-on, in-depth learning experience for twelve developing professionals and inspired nonfiction filmmakers who want to dramatically improve their documentary skills and knowledge. Each day features a mix of classes, workshops, and live production in a supportive community atmosphere. Amidst the astonishing beauty and fascinating culture of the Methow River Valley, this is a rare and excellent opportunity to work one-on-one with real pros, real equipment, and real subjects.


Some of Doug's films


  ""I'm studying the  effect of negative reinforcement on esp ability"

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Peter is one of three doctors of parapsychology on the Ghostbusters team. He holds PhDs in both parapsychology and psychology. Originally his professional interests were focused on paranormal phenomena like ESP; he appeared not to believe in ghosts until he actually saw one. In the movies, he is characterized by his flippant persona, his approach to his profession as a scientific charlatan, and his womanizing demeanor.[5] Fred Pfeilsees in him a postmodern hero, whose level of "crass self-interest" safeguards him from being ensnared by a stereotypical role.[6]

Despite Venkman's lackadaisical attitude, from time to time he has created inventions that help the Ghostbusters save the day, and he is shrewd and more street-smart than either Ray Stantz or Egon Spengler. Venkman serves as the front man for the group and possesses more social ability than the more academically inclined Ray and Egon. For instance, he is the one who is able to persuade the city mayor to release them after being arrested, return their equipment and otherwise support their attempt to stop Gozer."


To visit a real ghostbuster, visit a psychologist who is licensed.....

Ghostbusters begins in the library....


Neal Baer


1 NEAL BAER, MD TELEVISION and FILM 2013- Executive Producer, Showrunner, Writer, 

The Los Angeles County Psychological Association Foundation seeks to promote mental health advocacy through informed, strategic giving to individuals, community mental health providers, and mental health advocacy organizations whose mission is to serve marginalized populations. 

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