Josh L. Cohen Ph.D.

Media Psychologist

Your Digital Storytelling Project

2750 N. Bellflower Blvd., Suite # 210B Long Beach, CA 90815

(213) 814-4797



Academic Experience

2010-2015     Faculty - University of Phoenix Master’s LevelOnline class “Elements of Health Psychology:Behavioral Health”

May 2013        Graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpenteria, CA

January 2013   Defended Dissertation at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpenteria, CA 2010-2012       Pacifica Graduate Institute- PhD Candidate, Carpenteria, CA

2007-2010      Pacifica Graduate Institute- PhD student, Carpenteria,CA 2006-2007 Argosy University- MACL student, Orange County, CA 2003-2007         Master’s of Psychology-General Psychology,

Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

2006-2007       Argosy University MACL student, Orange County,

2003                Fine Arts Student, Santa Monica Community College, Santa Monica, CA


1999-2000      Avid Film and Video Editing Certificate Program, Video Symphony, Burbank,CA 1994-1998          Bachelors of Arts-Film and Anthropology, Colorado College, Colorado

Springs, CO Relevant Professional Experience

October 2015-present Founder, owner, and member of Your Digital Storytelling Project, LLC

August 2015-present- PSB 94021824  Psychological Assistant to Natalie Feinblatt  PSY 24163


January 2015-October 2015

Associated with Renee Miller PsyD, and Basia Mosinski MA at Journey Counseling Center, Irvine California


January 2014-Jauary, 2015 to Dr. Richard Oelberger PSY 22186 Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Cohen’s clinical experience so far has been with people suffering from trauma, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. My internship included working with adults, families, as well as parents from many diverse populations.

His doctoral dissertation involved a form of intervention where one makes videos as part of therapy. Making videos as a part of therapy which taught him that everyone in therapy has a story to tell within the privacy of a session. Right now he is one of the few people using this technique in North America. Others in Israel, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Argentina are using this technique along with Americans in New York, Florida, and Oakland California. He presented his findings on this research at the 2013 APA convention. His theoretical orientation is psychodynamic but he is also trained in using cognitive approaches and somatic approaches as well.



·      Trauma/anxiety/and depression

·      Somatic Experiencing

·      Journaling/narrative therapy

·      Positive Psychology

·      Film/Video based therapy tm


Issues I work with



Addiction, Anger Management, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain or Illness

Dual Diagnosis, Family Conflict, Medical Detox

Self Esteem, Video Game Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Behavioral Issues

Career Counseling, Drug Abuse, Emotional Disturbance

Grief, Parenting, Spirituality


Mental Health:

Mood Disorders, Psychosis, Personality Disorders, Thinking Disorders Client Focus


Children (6 to 10), Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13, Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)

Adults, Elders (65+)


Treatment Approach:

Treatment Orientation: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Film/Video Based Therapy Treatments, depth, Psychodynamic

Modality: Individual, Couples, Groups

Torrance, CA

January 2014-June 2014 -Social Science Consulting. Psychological Assistant PSB94020235 To Dr. Dan Bruzzone PSY 26003


January 2013- October 2013

Psychological Assistant PSB37521 to Dr. Mark Ingram PSY 24268 Torrance, CA


In addition to working individually with clients in the addiction population Dr. Cohen ran a SMART Recovery support group. The SMART Recovery® Support Group is a non- 12 step recovery support group for individuals with drug and alcohol addictions who have completed treatment and want continued support. It is based on cognitive and behavioral theory and is an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment.


2010-present   Online Faculty

University of Phoenix


Facilitate classrooms at the University of Phoenix’s associate level students in an introduction to Psychology course and a course in Positive Psychology. The intro course involves development, human sexuality, psychopathology (DSM-IV-TR overview), biological bases for psychology, research methods, adjustment, etc. The class involves class discussions and APA style papers at the associate level which will help prepare them for further graduate study. The students are then required to integrate their studies by applying their knowledge to a vignette at the end of the course.

Dr Cohen also taught a positive psychology course which involves studying commitment, goals, love, wisdom, and happiness, self-concepts, human strengths, and hope. The class also involved a class discussions and APA style papers at the associate level which will help prepare them for further graduate study.



2010-2012     Psychology Intern

Families in New Directions


Dr Cohen helped to pioneer film/video-based therapy, a version of video art therapy, that is being developed to allow clients to tell their story using play therapy in a new way. He wrote his dissertation on the subject. In addition he worked with families with diverse populations at a CAPIC accredited facility. He worked with members of the community who have been referred from the courts, DCFS, and self-referrals for domestic violence, anger management, and parenting classes. FIND’s population is primarily African-American and Latino, and many clients were coping with poverty and environmental stress. Some are referred through the social services and court systems. His primary responsibilities were to provide individual, conjoint, and family psychotherapy to mandated and self-referred clients, maintain competent clinical records, manage potential clinical crisis situations, and develop skills and confidence with diagnosis and treatment planning. He assisted in coordinating care and maintaining communication among various entities involved in his cases, which included physicians, social workers, child protective services, and attorneys. He also considered the ethical and legal dimensions of a case, and consulted with my supervisor whenever necessary.




2009-2010     Practicum Student

Families in New Directions


2008-2009     Practicum Student

Tarzana Treatment Center


At this APPIC accredited facility, He learned and accomplished many training duties. Some of the duties he fulfilled while at Tarzana included individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and intakes (Addiction severity indexes). Addiction severity indexes (ASI's) are like a psychological evaluation, an intake as well as a clinical interview. They may be followed up with a therapy referral, which is similar to working with a private patient. The ASI is an assessment instrument designed to be administered as a semi-structured interview in one hour or less to patients who present for substance abuse treatment. The instrument gathers information about seven areas of a patient's life: medical, employment/support, drug and alcohol use, legal, family history, family/social relationships, and psychiatric problems.


At TTC, Dr. Cohen also consulted with supervisors regarding suicide risk assessment, safety planning, and child abuse risk. In some cases DCFS and other mandated reporting issues were addressed.

Other issues that were discussed including didactic included:




      Psychotropic medication

       Substance abuse medications (including suboxone, methadone, and vivitrol)

       Ethics, Trauma, Co-occuring disorders, Differential diagnosis

       Clinical interviewing, Suicide assessment, Motivational interviewing techniques

       Violence training, Diversity, Eating disorders

       Psychotherapeutic treatment of transgender patients, Mood disorders

       Personality disorders, Domestic violence

       Psychotherapeutic treatment of culturally and ethnically diverse populations

       Gang violence.

In addition to the didactic trainings we were given an online Netsmart University training including:

      HIV blood and airborne diseases, HIPAA, Hepatitis training, Emergency training

      Flu shot training, Methamphetamine training



Finally, many hours werespentoutsideofsessionsreviewingandorderingworkbooks for groups and discussing plans for groups including co-occuring disorders, creative expressions, grief and loss, stress management, and life skills.


2006          Volunteer

Starview Adolescent Center, Torrance, CA


Dr. Cohen volunteered to do video intervention under the supervision of a licensed professional with abused adolescent boys in a Level 14 lockdown facility by using the arts of video, music, and dancing to establish trust and rapport. After 6 months of working with a licensed therapist, the clients participated in the activities and observed the videos after they were recorded for playback.



Freelance editor


Worked as an uncredited consultant and on various productions including

Troph Productions with Patrick Swayze and Producer/writer/director/actor Lisa Niemi. Helped with the postproduction of their independent film One Last Dance.

Edited a video documentary short on the Dalai Lama directed by Emmy award winning director Doug Pray and Produced by Joel Kurahawa.

Edited a video for Camp Ronald McDonald house about children recovering from or still suffering from cancer.






1998          Writer, Director, Editor, Videographer, and Producer


Dr. Cohen made a documentary as a part of his bachelor’s thesis for my degree in anthropology and film titled Catharsis. The film questioned whether or not making movies could be considered therapeutic. The film interviewed such filmmakers as Doug Pray (Hype, Scratch, Surfwise, Art and Copy), Neal Baer (ER, Law and Order SVU), Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, The Amazing Spider Man1-2_), Dana Stevens (, City of Angels, Safe Haven,).In addition, footage from the seminar he hosted on Cinematherapy™ was integrated in the film featuring Dr. Solomon, the movie Dr. who prescribed movies to his patients and a panel of art therapists, film professors, and students at Colorado College in 1997.


1997          Editing Intern


Editing intern at an ABC affiliate in Colorado Springs for local news station. Assisted the editor and news team with preparing stories for live broadcast.



1995          Videographer and Camp Counselor


Returned to Camp Charles Pearlstein as a full time counselor and worked with various age groups including 10 year olds. He was responsible for their wellbeing and fun throughout the summer. In addition, I continued to pioneer the video program at camp.



9/1990- 6/1994                                         

                  Founder, Videographer,           JLC Productions

                        Founder and developer of his own company video taping private and corporate events.

He produced, video taped, and edited with my own equipment with money raised from the      movie superstore contest and generous investors.


9/1993- 6/1994       

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Videographer, Voiceover Talent


Created two original news stories for a contest for ABC and both were aired on the local news affiliate. One was on the topic of education where former Mayor Terry Goddard was interviewed. Another was on a local issue concerning campus safety.


7/93-8/93    Video Specialist and relief counselor Camp Pearlstein

Was in charge of the video program and activities at Camp Charles Pearlstein. Responsible for campers when the counselors were understaffed and for the campers in the arts and crafts program while pioneering a video program for them.


6/1993   Editor (volunteer) for a non profit religious organization (Beth El Phoenix) Edited a video to help raise funds for the school


2/1993    Offline editor            America West Airlines

 Edited the offline video callbacks for America West’s Respect   commercial  

1/1993            Audio Tech (volunteer and uncredited) Nickelodeon/Cinetel Productions

Assisted with audio during a pilot show



1992       Writer, editor, and Videographer Arizona Public Service

Wrote, edited, and taped a public service video for Arizona Public Service, which was shown throughout the state of Arizona in a classroom setting.



1990        Videographer (volunteer) Goddard for Governor

Assisted with the election campaign by volunteering my equipment and services to record speeches throughout election night of Terry Goddard’s campaign in Arizona.




Professional Organizations

2016                Nominated Program Chair for 2 Divisions of the American Psychological Association including Division 46, Media Psychology and Technology and Division 31, State, Provincial, and Territorial Affairs for the Convention in Washington D.C. in 2017.

Member, Division 48 Peace, Conflict, and violence:Peace Psychology Division 10, Psycholgy of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, Division 46, Trauma psychology.


2014                Organized the silent auction for LACPA for the Mirrors of the Mind: Psychotherapist  as artist event

2013-present   Lacpa Foundation board member

2010-present    Active member of division 46 Media psychology: the intersection of psychology    with technology’s membership committee

2010-presentUniversity Of Phoenix classroom     facilitator

2007-presentAmerican Psychological Association

2007-present     Psi Chi member at Walden University




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Honors and Awards

2015           Walden University’s Scholars of Change contestant looking for social change and research    on Military Veterans and combat trauma

2015           Guest of Benjamin Patton, the youngest grandson of WWII’s General George S. Patton Jr for an I Was There Film Workshop, known for reducing post traumatic stress in military veterans. This workshop took place at at JBLM  a Joint Army and Air force Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State.

2015           Presented at the 6th International Digital Storytelling Conference: voices of change. Stories of Activism, Change, and Public Service

2015           Presented at the Expressive Therapy Summit in New York on addictions and  trauma

2015            Presented at a continuing education conference Florida for mental health professionals and         therapists

2015           Presented at the  Southern California chapter of the North American Drama Therapy Association conference in Pasadena

2015           Presented at APA (American Psychological Association) conference on Film/video-based therapy

   2015          Presented at AATA (American Art Therapy) Conference on Film/video-based therapy

2013          Presented at APA Convention for Division 46, media psychology

   2010          Received clinical supervision from James Hillman, the founder of Archetypal      Psychology.

1990          Director, Editor, Videographer Video Superstore

  Contest for Videosuperstore winner which included footage from Anthropologist Shirley Strum’s baboon studies in Kenya East Africa. After shooting the video, Dr Cohen met with Dr. Strum in Nairobi to discuss her work. Her book Almost Human, discusses the complex social networks developed in baboon behavior similar to group dynamics in people. There have been several documentaries on her work since from National Geographic as her work is similar to Jane Goodall’s studies of chimpanzees.

1988           Director, Editor, Videographer Video Superstore

  Won the contest in two categories for fiction and non fiction. The fiction film was an animated and live action film about an alien who saved his leader on a distant planet. The video used the Amiga 500 and computer generated graphics in early development.

The second film was a documentary on the Holocaust taped in Israel and edited in the United States documenting the genocide of the Jews during WWII. The material was taped at Yad Vashem, a holocaust memorial in Israel.




Seminars and Trainings

2014              Finished 2 years of training in Somatic Experiencing through the SE Trauma Institute

2013               Attended conference on DSM 5

2013                 Attended a 1 day introduction to a Stens biofeedback seminar

2004                 Continuing Education program on Ethics & Psychotherapy, Stereotypes in Movies Film TX, Los Angeles, CA

1997               Conducted a Seminar at Colorado College for Dr. Gary Solomon, a psychotherapist who uses films to treat his patients, and set up a panel discussion with people ranging from ex-gang members to art therapy students and film professors.




Clinical/Research Interests


My dissertation topic was about interviewing the experts in the field of video art therapy/Therapeutic Filmmaking/Film-Based Therapy.



Professional recommendations



Available upon request