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APA (American Psychological Association Conference)



"The American Psychological Association is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States, with more than 122,500 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its members."

Digital Storytelling, Therapeutic Filmmaking, Film/video-based therapy and Psychology were all presented at the American Psychological Association Conference to demonstrate the therapeutic effects of this modality. Presented on the therapeutic quality of fimmaking (Cohen, Johnson, Orr, 2015).


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Additional conferences on film/video-based therapy. Although digital storytelling is not therapy it is considered therapeutic. film/video-based therapy is still in the process of research and development.


2015          Walden University’s Scholars of Change contestant looking for social change andresearch onMilitary Veterans and combat trauma

2015           Guest of Benjamin Patton, the youngest grandson of WWII’s General George S. Patton Jr for an I was there workshop, known for reducing post traumatic stress in military veterans. This workshop took place at at JBLM Joint Army and Air force Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State.

2015           Presented at the 6th International Digital Storytelling Conference: voices of change. Stories of Activism, Change, and Public Service

2015          Presented at the Expressive Therapy Summit in New York on addictions and trauma

2015          Presented at a continuing education conference Florida for mental health professionals and therapists

2015           Presented at the  Southern California chapter of the North American Drama Therapy Association conference in Pasadena

2015           Presented at APA (American Psychological Association) conference on Film/video-based therapy



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