Dr. Cohen is license eligible and is a clinically prepared researcher, author, and media psychologist.  To hire him for his consulting services based on experience with clients from abour 3,000 hours and over 6 years of clinical practice under licensed professionals, work in hospitals community mental health settings, and private practice. This is an educational service and consultation only. If you are suffering from an emergency, please visit a licensed professional immediately or we can provide referrals. To make an appointment, please contact him directly. The fee, is $300 per hour for private sessions and will honor a sliding scale based on need. Please contact him directly for public speaking at 213-814-4797 or email drjoshcohen@filmandvideobasedtherapy.com. Office hours are 10-12- and 2-4 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday pacific time.


Dr. Cohen addresses the following issues

in his educational and consulting practice 

-Media related stress

-Financial stress

-Dissertation and academic stress

-service related stress

-Work Stress

-Stress from isolation

-coping with sadness, grief and loss


 He uses the following tools

-Virtual Reality and narrative

-Film/Video editing consulting

- storytelling

-somatic experiencing

-Honoring the purpose and value of emotions through appropriate storytelling and somatic experiencing.